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Didn’t buy my ticket to the party and a little sad

I have not been gaming much lately. Been busy with work and closing the sale on my Mom’s house. All I read on the tweeter and blogs is about the big GW2 party coming but I still stand by my … Continue reading

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The stigma of free to play

I am currently downloading four free to play titles in the hopes that by tomorrow evening, I will have something fresh to get me out of this gaming funk I am in. I did not pull the trigger on the … Continue reading

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It’s not so secret anymore

I have been aware of Funcom’s new MMO “The Secret World” for a while now but I have not been getting much info on it nor was I real hyped up to play it. I have a history with Funcom … Continue reading

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The Rift was not so empty after all

Sorry that it’s been a while since my last post. I got a stretch of time where things calmed down and I selfishly gobbled it all up with gaming goodness. I plan on posting about my adventures in Diablo 3 … Continue reading

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Star Wars the Forgotten Republic

Anyone who was a recent subscriber of SWTOR might remember that for their 1.2 patch code named Legacy, they were offering a free month of gameplay if you either had a max level character or had reached a certain Legacy … Continue reading

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Okay, I lied

Instead of talking about what I was playing, I came up with this idea of an MMO resume so I ran with it. So, without further ado – here is my MMO Resume

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