A PC Gamer is born

Since I started down the dark path of PC gaming, it has dominated my destiny. I went through a few IBM PC clones. Back then the IBM PC was the orignial but so expensive, they made knock-offs called clones. One of the local computer stores in Erie, PA where I’m originally from was even called “The Clone Store”.

It was a great time for PC gaming. The gold box games were in full swing, the Ultima series was gaining ground. Dune 2 broke ground as the first real time strategy game (closely followed by a title named Warcraft: Orcs and Humans from a little company called Blizzard).

PCs started becomming more of a commodity and soon companies began selling them across the country – competing with the local computer stores that had a stranglehold on the business before that. Little companies called Gateway 2000 (they later dropped the 2k) and Dell. I’ve had my share of both company’s systems and like them both. Even though I am in IT by trade and I know that I could purchase the parts individually cheaper and assemble them myself, I am paranoid that I will fry something while assembling it and cause more trouble than it’s worth. I only dig inside computers at work when they aren’t mine.

I found myself gravitating towards the CRPGs because despite having all the rulebooks, I could never get a group together to play D&D. With these games, I didn’t need anyone to have fun. Back in those days of EGA/VGA graphics, gameplay ruled over graphics so the games were of pretty good quality.

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