Is this thing on?


I feel bad that I have not posted in over a year but I really don’t think anyone is reading this besides me. So why does it still bother me?

My free time and money are what I consider my most valuable resources. I look at the people who’s blogs I religiously read and whose podcasts that I constantly listen to and I have to wonder how and more importantly why the content creators do it?

I get home from work, sometimes late, and after helping the kids with homework I just want to turn on the computer and game. I love to spout off to my coworkers about gaming and hobby related stuff but most of them just look at me funny. I still do it and most of the time get a kick out of it because at least *I* get the reference.

I do my critical websurfing in a short session before my gaming starts. I listen to podcasts at work or while gaming. When I have free time, I usually want to be gaming. But I feel like I have been in a rut for a long while now. A long freaking while. Maybe I don’t need to spend so much time on gaming.

Maybe I could go for a walk. Lord knows that I could use a cross country walk! Now that the weather is about to turn cooler I want to try some of things that I used to do, like post my musings here.

Even if no one else reads it, someday my daughters will be able to look back on this and with an adult point of view maybe get some insight into their old man. I found a letter in my Dad’s wallet after I cleared my Mom’s belongings out of my childhood home. It wasn’t long but it did provide me with insight into my father. I would have never called him a man of faith, but he did have faith and he believed!

So I am going to try and at least post weekly, or maybe a little more as the spirit moves me. Mostly about gaming and other things I am interested in or mad about. Sometimes it will be these other kinds of posts that I can only equate to my own self therapy.

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