Blowing off the dust..


Wow. Last time I posted was before we moved. The last six months have been filled with problems moving and my mom passing away but also with some gaming.

I had my system set up in my mother-in-law’s basement for four and a half months and there I mostly played WoW and EvE.

I was getting my missioning on in EvE working my way up to level 3 missions and if I felt like breaking my bank (something you should never do in EvE) I could have probably purchased a battleship to attempt a level 4 mission. But then if it exploded, I would have been left with regrets so I didn’t. You really should only fly a ship you can afford to replace comletely, with modules and insurance too so in effect you need twice what it cost you. The lure of EvE didn’t last like it normally doesn’t and the latter part of my time was just logging in to change skill training.

I got a mage in WoW up to the mid 80’s (Cataclysm levels) which was far from where it started in the 20s. But then it got old as well. I tried some farming of old content for mounts but that was kind of boring and it seems like forever until the new expansion comes out in December. I was excited about the expansion at first but the more I hear about it the less I seem to care. Maybe WoW is just getting too old or I am. Maybe a little of both.

By now I was in my new basement (TA-DA!) and it was Elder Scrolls Online time. I am such a sucker for a new title. I was in the beta and I really felt pretty ambivalent about the game but some of my friends were playing and there was a big guild and I got swept up into it. It was kind of fun at first. The story seemed engaging. But my character never spoke and just seemed like a watered down version of their single player games. Plus the heals seemed really weak and if there’s one thing I hate, its weak heals. I might try it again whenever they come up with that spell crafting system they mentioned in that email where they laid out a laundry list of pie in the sky crap to keep people from leaving the game. Yeah, it didn’t work on me. I left after the free month.

Then it was off to Star Wars The Old Republic. I really enjoyed re-connecting with my Sith Inquisitor. I went the DPS spec because – lightning. So all I did was pick every dialog option that involved shocking people with lightning and much fun was had by me. I got into the 40s I think. I was enjoying the storyline of the class too. I forgot that SWTOR had such fun stories. I would probably still be playing it now but there was one little problem, the pre-order for this little game named WildStar.

So I had heard about WildStar and I was even in some phases of the beta. I thought it was okay but I never felt like it had its hooks in me. Maybe its because I try and use betas as demos (close your eyes, game developers) but I never try and get too attached or into a game in beta. Because I know everything I do is temporary and I don’t want to spoil the story or gameplay too much. I got a 25% off code off of Green Man Gaming and used it to grab the Deluxe edition pre-order. I started following the news and forums more and kept tabs on it while I played SWTOR. I really liked how early access was on a weekend so I didn’t have to feel like taking off time from work. The PST schedule meant I wasn’t there right at the start (3:00am, no way) but from the accounts I read it was not really playable for another hour and a half or so anyway. I woke up at a leisurely 9am and rolled my first character, a Mordesh Spellslinger.

The Mordesh are like space zombies that aren’t zombies yet but they are infected with “The Contagion” and they need this life serum to keep from turning. Luckily they don’t make the players farm that stuff so they don’t turn. They have a cool look to them though. I came up with a look I wanted in the beta and just duplicated that at launch. I only had four races to choose from for the Exile side. The Exiles are like the rebels. They fight against the evil Dominion (empire). The other choices for Exile races are human (BORING!), Aurin (small with fox ears and tails, not really my taste but they seem really popular with those that like anime or My Little Pony), Granok (rock people, cool concept but their hands must be too big to dual wield pistols so it wasn’t an option for me).

My class of course had to be the Spellslinger. What else could I pick with dual pistols and spells (including heals – sweet, sweet heals). The only thing is they have light armor and rely a lot on movement. Would this be a good time to mention I am a clicker? As in, I use the keyboard to turn and click on abilities with my mouse. If you read any articles on being “good” at MMOs you will soon learn that clickers are bad and keybinders are good. Well, I can’t get into keybinding. I mean, I can press maybe like the first 4 or 5 abilities because they are near my left hand, but that’s about it. Forget that crap about using shift or alt or control to get more because that is too confusing for my fingers. I have been a clicker in every MMO I have every played and I think I do okay, so I’m not about to change now. Anyway, I am still having fun with the Spellslinger and got her up to level 18. I did have a brief stint with rolling alts this past weekend but luckily for me I did not like any of them. This is unprecedented for me! I might actually stick with a single character for a while. Plus I love the sound and animation when she draws and holsters her pistols.

Well, its getting late and I am getting tired so I will leave you with a pic of my spellslinger.


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