Hindsight is usually 20/20


As I sit looking at the icons of some of my recent game purchases on my desktop, I can’t help but wish that I would have went with my gut instinct on some of them.

Guild Wars 2 – OMG I don’t know what else I can do to try and like this game and rationalize why the hell I ignored my impressions and got it anyway. My last hope is a weekly grouping session with my old gaming buds to try and re-kindle some of those good times we had in EQ, EQ2, and WoW.

Rift – I still enjoy Rift but right now I am in a WoW phase and I prefer to have only one paid subscription at a time. Also, I think the lack of a healing add-on similar to Healium for WoW is preventing me from throwing myself into the random dungeon queues.

EvE – I still have an article on the back burner about my love-hate relationship with EvE Online. Suffice it to say that I am subscribed for another of those $30 for 90 days and spent the first half doing some mining and missioning and the second half just training skills barely logging in. The summer expansion looks interesting but I won’t be biting unless I get another special offer or a week of free time.

EQ2 – I tried it out after the improvements in the F2P experience and it had me for just a little while but then I got sick of it again. Not really sure why. I think it is the F2P curse I mentioned previously.

Starcraft 2 – I think it was a deal for $20 but much like X-COM and my other single player games I have not devoted much time to it. I found it enjoyable as far as I got. I just need some time away from MMOs to finish it off.

X-COM – I really thought this game was going to be the second coming but there is just enough different that I can’t fully commit to it. Even on easy mode, I find into the middle of the game I am having a harder time than I expect to. Could I just be getting old?

SWTOR – I played it as a paid subscriber after the F2P launch becasuse I did not like the limitations. I enjoyed the time I spent but I feel no desire to play the limited version for free. Maybe if I started on a new server, but then I would just have alts all over the place.

The Secret World – I almost forgot about this one because I actually deleted it. Another one I really wanted to like, but I could not get the hang of the skill wheels and the weak, weak self healing made it seem like every fight was a chore. I did not feel special or heroic at all. Again, am I just getting old? This was another one I was leaning towards not getting when it had a sub.

WoW – It really is the ex-girlfriend you can hit up for a booty call when you need a gaming fix. They have really made it more accessible to the casual gamer, which unfortunately I am until I retire or hit the lottery. I rolled a new Pandaren Monk on the server where my old Rift Guild has been established forever and I am having a good time healing in the dungeon queues and leveling.

So here I sit wishing I could reload a save game of my life with some of these titles. I know it would be cheating but I’ll tell you – I swung a mean hex editor back in the day to cheat at a lot of single player games and even one online one.  I hit max level in Shadow’s of Yserbius after one combat – yeah I found where the XP value was stored in memory <evil grin>.


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