Post Holiday Post Mortem and a confession

So I picked up the Rift Expansion (Storm Legion Infinity Edition) with the mount and portal but I did not bite on the one that came with the Stormbringer title and required you to buy a year of the game. After my experience with the World of Warcraft Annual Pass last year and my fickle gaming habits it was not a smart move for me. I did not even subscribe when it launched but I am back in for a month at least as of yesterday and I am having fun re-rolling my Cleric as a Defiant. I cannot get into the Guardian story or lore and I really don’t like any of the races despite having a level 50 High Elf Cleric.

Speaking of WoW, I did pick up the expansion for $20 braving the massive crowd at Target on Black Friday Eve. I did not really take advantage of the content however. I was subscribed for a month over the holidays but my time was spent leveling a discipline priest. I really fell in love with the vampiric style of healing you get with the attonement ability you get in the 30s that makes your smites heal for 1/2 the damage done (100% of the damage if it is not you being healed). I got into the 70s which is still a couple expansions behind Pandaria. I have characters spread over three servers in WoW and they don’t allow cross server mail and transfers cost $25 per character. I really like how Rift makes it not only easy to level a character, but you get free server moves once a week.

For single player gaming my squad in X-COM has been sitting the bench. I also picked up StarCraft 2 for $20 and found the story enjoyable but I have not progressed too far into it. It’s mostly been MMOs all the way.

My confession is that I broke down and bought GuildWars 2 after my trip in August. I was in a gaming funk and wanted something new. Plus my gaming brother was so gung-ho I decided to give it a try against my better judgement. I don’t know how to explain it but I have tried and tried and I just cannot get into it. Maybe it’s because you have to play it like a pvp’er and constantly be moving and dodging out-of-the-way of the mobs. Maybe its the weak self-healing and lack of the trinity type healing class. I even tried the Thief since the stealth abilities help you get out of combat but nothing is clicking with me.

I also grabbed up The Secret World when it dropped the subscription fee but before they put it on sale. I have done some research on builds and had a little more success but not enough to make me play it more than once every couple of weeks so far.

So were your holiday gaming endeavors rewarding?

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