I’m not drinking the Guild Wars 2 Kool-aid…

Well I never got into those free to play games. I found one thing to get me out of the funk I was in and that was a month subscription to Rift. I really love what they have done with the Instant Adventures there. Also, the mentoring system means you’ll never have a grey quest, you can always mentor yourself down to the appropriate level (by yourself too, take that EQ2!) and get xp or Rift’s version of AA points (planar attunement, I think)  if you are already max level. What is really funny was that EvE Online sent me that 3 months for $30 offer hours after I posted my last entry. I didn’t bite though.

I did sign up for the beta weekend #3 for Guild Wars 2 and since they were only giving away tens of thousands of keys, I got in. Now I have been watching the forums for The Secret World very carefully because I want to see what is going to happen when they are no longer the darling of the moment, the newest MMO on the block. I have already detected a small amount of complaining and people getting burned out and “hitting the wall”. There is even supposed to be one player who accumulated all 580+ abilities in the game and some lifetime subscriber regret.

So when GW2 drops at the end of August, I am going to be scanning the boards hourly to see the inevitable decline of the spotlight on TSW, or am I?

I really though GW2 was going to be a powerhouse title and make me have to juggle another title in my already crowded lineup but I am not drinking whatever kool-aid they passed around on this one. I found a game that while pretty looking, does not have the staying power or for me even enough to pull me in.

The fact that your abilities are tied to different weapons is both a blessing and a curse. What if I love fireballs but don’t want to equip a staff to shoot them? What if I want to cherry pick the abilities that * I * find useful from the different weapons and slot them all as long as I stick to the same element? Why can’t I mix spells from different elements? Why can’t I mix class abilities like I heard you can do in GW1?

A so-called Ranger that does not even start the game with a freaking bow? Are you serious? I tried all the classes and took a long hard look at the abilities you get for each weapon and I did not find a single combo where there wasn’t a skill I would never use. Sometimes only one of the skills seemed worth it to me. I’m sorry, but I am not going to slog it through 80 levels using abilities or weapons that I have no interest in. You only get 3 for a main hand, 2 for an off hand, and 5 for a two-hander.

Crafting you ask? Didn’t have time to try it. PVP you ask? Puh-lease! I hate PVP because I suck at it so I am not banging my head against that wall. I spent all my time equipping every single weapon and casting every spell a ba-jillion times to unlock all the spells for each of the four elements on my elementalist.

For what its worth, my gaming brother (also not much of a PVPer) did say that he absolutely loves GW2 and the PVP. I did see positive stuff on the GW2 forums about the PVP as well. If this game can present itself as a fun place for the PVPers, it will be successful. I guess it will be successful anyway, because once you’ve bought it there is not monthly fee so they already have everything they are going to get from you. With the exception of expansions and the cash shop I heard about.

So go forth and have fun in GW2! I might see you when it hits the bargin bin..

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7 Responses to I’m not drinking the Guild Wars 2 Kool-aid…

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  2. tyuip says:

    >I hate PVP because I suck at
    That would explain it. Guild Wars 2 does have a stronger emphasis on pvp. If you were better at it you might enjoy it more.

  3. Skreeet says:

    Did you even try the different pvp and wvw? People who generally hate pvp have come to like it, WvW is not cut throat at all….all skill levels and succeed in WvW…also you didnt seem to try much in the game and if you only tried 1 class thats a big mistake, because i hated classes that i usually love, and i loved some classes that i usually hate…

    • wezmodeus says:

      I tried all the classes (after some deleting, nice way to sell those extra slots in the store) but most of my time was spent on just one. The only other class I kind of liked and devoted more time to was the engineer.

      I didn’t try the pvp based on my experience with every other MMO where I am a speed bump to all the other players. Not fun at all. So is the world vs. world so hectic that you can actually survive in a crowd for a few minutes before the opposition starts digitally humping your corpse?

  4. Chris Ballshanker says:

    I’m not playing the game because it will be too addictive. I spent way too much time on the first Guild Wars. I’m not going down that road again.
    Enjoy and don’t forget to get some sunshine and exercise!

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  6. Gw2 FR says:

    Come on! Drink it 😀 it’s yummie 😀

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