The stigma of free to play

I am currently downloading four free to play titles in the hopes that by tomorrow evening, I will have something fresh to get me out of this gaming funk I am in.

I did not pull the trigger on the Rift 6 month sub. I’m not exactly feeling flush with cash right now and I wanted to give the f2p titles some more time to see if one will stick with me. I have been doing as much World of Warcraft as I can take without getting sick of it because I hate wasting the annual pass I paid for. Right now I am leveling a Paladin and it is fun, but I am getting tired of questing in Outland and not really looking forward to Northrend either. My time in EvE Online is almost gone and I have no plans to re-sub until the next $9.99/mo offer comes out. In the mean time, my little experiment with a character that only trains skills 5 days or less is going pretty well. I already have more ISK than I made on my two previous characters put together. Diablo 3 still gets some playtime. My main character is a Monk that is level 27 and ready to go into the crater in Act 3. My alts are only level 10-11. I tend to want to finish an area completely in a session so I have to be in the mood and have sufficient time to play.

I played both Lord of the Rings Online and Fallen Earth before they went free to play. With Dungeons and Dragons Online, I got into the beta for the f2p version and DC Universe Online I have never played. So I have a small base to work with in three of the four titles.

I was talking with my gaming-brother about this before, but I wanted to see if we are the only ones that noticed this. Once a mainstream MMO with a monthly sub goes free to play, we tend to lose interest in playing it. I know that seems weird and contradictory, but it is true. I’m not sure it’s entirely because of whatever limiting factors they put in to get transactions out of you either. Some of them give you quite a bit of content for free but for whatever reason we tend to gravitate somewhere else and usually have a $15 sub somewhere in a paid MMO.

It might be the stigma of “you get what you pay for”. If it’s free then it must not be worth anything, right? I don’t know but it is an interesting bit of human nature. Anyway, for my sake I hope I can get over it for just a little while and get some free entertainment out of one of them.

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