Wasteland 2 is finally being made!!!

If you read my post about the early years (https://wezmodeus.wordpress.com/about-me/) you know I played the hell  out of Wasteland back in the day and still think it is one of the best games ever made.

Well, they are finally making the sequel! Check out the Kickstarter site and read all about it.


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4 Responses to Wasteland 2 is finally being made!!!

  1. Skron says:

    I love kickstarter! There’s a lot of interesting games there that are being made. A remake of Shadowrun was also on that site a few months ago. But I’m also looking forward to Wasteland 2. I’ve only played a bit of the original. Because it was to hard for a stupid kid like me back then.

  2. wezmodeus says:

    I have supported more titles on kickstarter than games I bought in the store over the past year. I grabbed the Shadowrun remake even though I never played the original. I also grabbed The Banner Saga which sounded interesting and Grim Dawn which looks like a Diablo clone that will let you play offline (unlike D3).

  3. giddeonshammer says:

    very cool; just watched the video and tweeted this out as well. =)

  4. ctmurphy46 says:

    Yeah, I dropped cash on Wasteland 2 the first day because I was so excited. I never got around to the first one, but I was a big fan of anything Black Isle and early Bioware did, so supporting anything even remotely to those games is a no brainer.

    I also put in on The Banner Saga (which has felt worth it for the great wallpapers alone, thus far) and Guns of Icarus Online, which I hope to beta test soon.

    It really is a fun website and a great addition to the online community.

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